So I was asked to make a cute little lotus flower gift cake.

Sketchy Sketch

I always do a little sketch so the client can see my vision. It was only little at 4″ round and it had to be eggless sponge. I suggested doing a bit of a watery effect, a bit like Monet. And this was my vision.

I started by making up some Lotus flowers, layering up to get some nice petals and then choosing a darker orange and some stamens for the middles.

Whilst the start of the flowers were drying I did a lovely watery effect on a white fondant iced cake. I used Jade, Baby Blue and Ice Blue Sugarflair colours. I normally use Vodka to paint with but had to dig out some rum this time as the vodka had strangely gone 🙂

Lastly I made up some flower buds and a couple of Lily pads. Then they were ready to place on the cake. I added a little brown dust to the green parts to give them some depth and stop them looking too ‘flat’.

Towards the end I made the decision to pop a some silver leaf on just to give a bit of sparkle to the water. I thought it was really cute and colourful in an arty kind of way, I hope you like it!

Lotus flower cake