I’m in love with this cake!

Every year I make a Birthday cake for a gorgeous little girl called Avantika. Each year it is very different and unique, using elements from her theme, party dress and the things she loves. This year her dream cake was a unicorn theme.

I got a description from her mother of all the elements to be combined and then it was my job to make them go together. It had to include bits from her dress, some water colour, lace, some little sugar flowers and a unicorn.

Pretty dress

I had a lovely lace mould which was very similar to the dress seen here, and then I made up some little sugar flowers using the blues and yellows of the dress. I blew up an image of a unicorn and cut that out of floral paste. Just a bit of silver and glitter gave it a special twinkle.

I did a little sketch of the cake to send to the client first, I always like to do this. The sketch is never perfect by any means but it helps to give us all a vision as to the end product. I have to admit I was a little worried about how the yellows would marry together with the water colour effect. But I really loved the way it all turned out. 🙂

I can’t wait to do Avantika’s 8th Birthday cake. Rachelx