So it’s time to talk flowers!

I love love love a cake with fresh flowers, and as some of my recent cakes won’t make it to the website for some time, I thought I’d sneak them into a blog.

fresh flowers
Fresh flowers

These beauties were hand picked by my good self for a 5 tier cake that required a huge cascade. The colours were just stunning with a mix of peonies, roses and other things I don’t have a clue about!

The Top tier

Each tier was trimmed with a deep gold ribbon and delicate wafer paper butterflies added a bit of delicate nature.

The base tiers

The three base tiers had a whole mass of flowers and the mixture of colours was just stunning. I often think people are afraid of colour clashes like orange and pink but I think they look amazing together!

The towering glory

The final cake was so tall I had to stand on a chair to take a photograph. Another reason for this was as the venue was still being set up, behind the cake if I took a straight on photo was a line of bald headed sweaty men setting up the stage, not very pretty 🙂

It was on the most gorgeous glass table too, with tall vases for the legs filled with water and flowers.

I hope you like it…. and guess what, for your best options for cakes with delivery in and around London just see

Rachelle’s is Number 8. Huraghhhhh.