So it’s be ages since I’ve done a little blog and I’m so sorry for this. I just don’t know where the days go. Covid seemed to drain us all of a whole year and now the world has gone mental again. Anyway, here I am still alive… and I wanted to show you my new craft, Cupcake bouquets.

Cupcake Bouquet
Mixed Bouquet

At the start of lockdown last year every single Wedding order I had cancelled/rescheduled dates. My diary was just one big mess of scribbles. I started the homeschooling thing and worried a lot about where the next job might come from. There wasn’t much time to learn a new skill at that point as life became all consuming and what dominated my day was where the hell could I get chick peas to make hummus. (I’m a hummus addict BTW)

Rachelle's Cupcake Bouquet
Mixed Vintage Bouquet

Anyway, as things started to ease off at the start of 2021 I turned my hand at buttercream flowers. I kind of wish I’d found the time to do this during lockdown as they would have made wonderful doorstep gifts, anyway hindsight is everything! BUT, here I am with my new creations, I’ve been slowly learning with each small job and teaching myself new flowers all the time. I’m actually becoming addicted. I had my first proper launch of the bouquets over Mothers Day weekend and they went down a storm.

Rachelle's Cupcake Bouquets
Mothers Day Gift

This little bouquet above was one I did for my own Mum. You know everyone that came to my door to collect made me smile. ‘These look like real flowers’ they all said. Now that made me happy and makes all the hard work worthwhile. The bouquets are now live to order on the website. You don’t have to choose from what you see, you could just give me a colour scheme and I’ll do the rest.

Rachelle's Cupcake Bouquet
Summer Bouquet

And the even more exciting news is that I will shortly be doing some filming so that I can teach you all how to pipe these beautiful flowers. It really is a lot easier than it looks. Keep an eye out for any announcements on my instagram page @rachellesbespokecakes or my facebook page

Orange Spray roses.

Thanks for reading xx