Easter Cake

So I made this cute little Easter Cake recently, except it wasn’t for Easter, it was for a little Girls 5th Birthday. How cute to choose an Easter bunny theme and a great excuse to eat lots of chocolate eggs.

I had loads of fun making it and loved how it turned out with all the matching cupcakes.

Simple as they might look it took me ages to make all the little bits on these Eggs. Some were for the main cake and some for the cupcakes.

Then I made the bunny for the top, to tell you the truth I’m not a big fan of making characters but I loved this little brown bunny and his carrot.

The best bit of making a cake like this is when you put all the elements together to make the final piece. I saved some of the grass shards to go on the cupcakes. Making a last minute decision to ice them in mint green and cream for variety.

Easter Egg cupcakes
Eggtastic Cupcakes

I really loved the way it all turned out, I hope you do too. Rachelx