Wow its been an absolute eternity since I wrote a blog. I really should get back into it as I’ve got so much to say and so little time! I’m hoping all that is about to change though as after the long old trawl of covid I finally acted on some life long dreams.

Sometimes it takes something bad to make you do something good. Or maybe I just had too much time to think, who knows. What I do know is that after loosing all my work in the pandemic I decided to kick a**e.

In my previous blog I showed you the new cupcake bouquets I had taught myself to make and how I planned to start filming and show you all how……. well, welcome to the Rachelles Cake School.

I’m finally up and running. I’m so excited, it’s brought a whole new challenge to my world of baking and I love love love it.

I have to say if it were not for covid I just wouldn’t be doing this a I would never have found the time to teach myself a new skill that was so involved. I was always too busy creating towers of wedding cake. Having taught students from all over the world via another forum in the past, I decided it was time to do it for myself.

Rachelles Advanced Buttercream Flowers

This is a selection of flowers from my advanced set of flower tutorials. Did you know that all of these flowers are piped from buttercream? Yes buttercream! Just normal American buttercream. You put it in a bag with a special piping tip and off you go. Well actually its not quite as easy as that, but that’s where I come in.

I got my lovely cameraman Tim on the case and he comes along and films it all beautifully, nice and close so you can see exactly what I’m doing. And then it all gets edited so you can follow along at home and learn step by step how to pipe these wonderful blooms. I tell you everything you need to know with the odd joke thrown in. And you get my tried and tested recipes so you cant go wrong.

Did you also know that every flower is piped onto a cupcake. Just a little soft spongy delicious vanilla cupcake.

Once they are all piped up I pop them into a fabulous bouquet and people think they are real flowers.

If you sign up to one of my new classes I can pretty much guarantee that you will become addicted, in a good way of course. Because I have become very addicted and I have taken it on as my mission to also teach you all as much as I possibly can.
It could be a new hobby or even a little business sideline, people really really love them.

Now whilst I was getting carried away with teaching my self this lovely new thing over lockdown, I also decided that it was about time I made another little dream come true.
I have longed to escape to the country for a very very very long time, especially since I had my son. I didn’t want to raise him in London, but to give him the childhood I remember from when I was raised in Wales. But I have also been utterly terrified to leave everything I know, and all of the work connections, business relationships and clients I had built up over the years in the city.

But as I sat in my garden during the amazing peacefulness of lockdown (which despite the mild feeling of pandemic terror I relished) I decided that yes, life can be short, and that I couldn’t keep wishing I was living a life somewhere else every day. As they say, stop trying to escape the life you don’t want, spend time and energy creating and nurturing the one you do want to live.

I saw this house one day after 2.5 years of house hunting. I never believed I could achieve it. Me, solo parent and cake maker. I mean I’m just a cake maker right.? But I bust my gut to make it happen, I pulled out all the stops, I crossed my fingers and lit a tealight every day for 4 months. I prayed and I prayed and after an eternity we made it. I gave up my London city life. A place I have been for over 25 years. A business and connections I have built up over years and I have taken a risk to give us the life I’ve dreamed of.

I single handedly packed up our whole house, put the cat in a basket and left for a place where I knew no one!

What was the worst that could happen? We live off the land and grow our own veg or I send my son out to wash cars 🙂

So here we are 3 weeks in, to a life in the Dorset countryside. My online tutorials have given me a lifeline of work that I can do anywhere and its a job that I love. In the most random and strange way I feel like we have come home. And that no matter how long it took to get here, this house has always just been waiting for us.

I have huge plans to build a studio, hold live group classes and teach this beautiful craft as well as many other lovely cakey things. And I will continue to make Wedding cakes as and when I can rebuild my connections and find clients and stunning venues in this gorgeous county.

My son gets a wonderful life of play in the outdoors with woods, trees to climb and rivers to explore and we plan to get chickens and a little dog. Here he is in our new garden. The face says it all. He’s a happy little chap anyway but now we are in our element and we thrive off the excitement that each day brings, the new adventures and challenges. And especially the wildlife that comes to our garden each day.

If you’d like to learn this wonderful craft then drop me a message, come for a class or try out one of my tutorials. Failing that just order some cakes and gobble them all up. And if you have already dived in and purchased a class from me already, you have helped me make this happen and your support of my business and new venture has been overwhelming. You have given me the confidence to forge forward with the dreams.

We are now fully rooted in Dorset and it feels like we have been here forever. You can find the cake school and classes tab on my website. Or just click here

Who’d have thought that something as small as this little spongy cupcake could create such joy!

If you are hesitating about doing something just grab the bull by the horns and go for it. Oh gosh I procrastinated…. ALOT…I chewed my fingers ALOT, but I got there in the end. And like I said sometimes it takes something bad to make something good happen.

I’m going to sign off now.

Back soon with more tales of cakes and country….maybe the next instalment can be all about our Easter chicken run installation. Now that will be fun. We named the chickens months ago and we havn’t even bought them yet!

PS. my son thought Kentucky was a good choice. I said NO.

Rachel x