Did you know that I am a single Mummy to a gorgeous 5 year old boy? Well Solo motherhood has brought me the pleasure of meeting many other wonderful Solo Mums like my friend Sam. She recently gave birth to Barnaby and this is the cake I made for his Christening.

Party Cake a handpainted celebration cake
Barnaby’s Cake

The great thing is Sam didn’t want the usual building blocks thing, which to be honest I was rather glad about. She is a little bit arty and Barnaby was a Christmas baby so we went for a slightly wintery theme with an artistic twist.

I used two different types of blue sugarflair colour paste and used lemon extract to paint the colour onto the cake for a watery winter effect. The same technique was applied to some cupcakes. Sam requested a tree and a bit of silver leaf too, so I cut a simple tree from floral paste using a template drawn by me.

Lastly I made some little birds to give it a bit more ‘cuteness’ and of course Barnaby’s name to the front. I love how it turned out, a little bit different and not at all traditional. Here is the original sketch I did, as you can see we ditched the original ‘wreath’ idea, kept the watery blue and went for the tree in the end which still look beautiful. Rachelx

cake sketch